Welcome to Macrium Reflect Version 6!

Our image based backup and disaster recovery solutions have taken another big step forward in speed, simplicity and power. Our entire focus is helping organisations protect business critical data and systems, without fuss and budget breaking costs:

Solutions for Business Users Include:

Macrium Reflect v6 Workstation

Macrium Reflect v6 Server

Macrium Reflect v6 Server Plus for Exchange and SQL

Macrium Reflect v6 Technicians License

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Macrium Fast Imaging

Our customers tell us it is the fastest and most reliable around!

Rapid Delta Restore

Can cut the time for restores by up to 90%

Backup Plan Templates

Simplifies administration of backups and reduces time to first backup

Retention Rules

Manage the amount of disk space used by specifying how to retain backup sets

Welcome to Macrium Reflect Version 6!

Welcome to a brand new version of Macrium Reflect. Our enhanced backup and disk recovery solution is designed specifically for home users and combines all the features of our previous v5 Professional edition with many new v6 features.

Solutions for Home Users:

Macrium Reflect v6 Home Edition

Macrium Reflect v6 Home Edition 4 Pack

Feature List Product Comparison


Macrium Fast Imaging

Our customers tell us it is the fastest and most reliable around!

Rapid Delta Restore

Can cut the time for restores by up to 90%

Rapid Delta Cloning

Cloning speeds improved by up to 90%

Image verification

Verify backups as they are either created or at a later date to ensure backups are in working order

New for Version 6

Want to Upgrade your Macrium Reflect v5 licenses to v6? Here are some of the reasons that you should.

Rapid Delta Restore (RDR)

Using advanced delta detection technology RDR can rapidly recover data from single, or multiple full backups. Cuts restore times by 90% or more.

Rapid Delta Clone (RDC)

Improving further on the cloning capabilities using technology based on RDR to speed up disk cloning activities by 90% or more.

Pre-defined backup plan templates

The Macrium Reflect scheduling engine is pre-loaded with templates for traditional, Incremental forever, or you can create your own custom plan.

GFS with backup chain protection 

The traditional GFS backup template has been pre-configured with monthly, weekly, daily activities, and retention rules. Simplifies management of backup chains.

Incrementals forever

An efficient method to continuously maintain a defined number of the most recent incremental backups. The oldest incremental files are consolidated into a single synthetic delta.

Custom backup plan support

Allows administrators the flexibility of creating custom backup plans that provide the level of protection they require.

SSD Trim support

This features provides automated SSD optimization providing enhanced SSD performance and longevity.

What is Macrium Reflect?

A short video showing how businesses use our software for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity.




The Saw Centre

"We purchased Macrium Reflect Server a couple of months ago and have found it invaluable already as we needed to run a restore after losing some data. The tape devices we were using were clumsy and we never knew if it had updated properly. Macrium offer excellent functionality and we’re very pleased with our purchase!"

Factory Direct Craft

“I’m more of a utilitarian and the core features and how well they are implemented interest me. The backup features for Macrium are great and fulfil all our needs”.

David Ritchie Ltd

“Access to recoverable data takes only 2 minutes now compared to 30 minutes with previous supplier’s tape based solution; the speed is fantastic”.

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

“I’ve found it fantastic to be able to have a live backup running whilst the server is still operational. This is vital for the successful running of the systems. The software is incredible, Macrium have really out done themselves! Having this tool in my toolkit certainly makes my life a lot easier”.

Roger Jackson, Systems Analyst

"I’ve been using Macrium Reflect for over 10 years now and enjoy their wide range of licences available from free through to the advanced features in Server Plus. Macrium Reflect is critical to my business and acts as a vital safety net for all upgrades I undertake".

Upham Pub Company

“I was called by one of the pub managers and informed of an infected PC. Using a restore from the previous night’s image, I was only on site for a total of 2 hours. Macrium Reflect allows me to install the startup menu option so I don’t even need a startup CD or USB in cases such as this”.





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