Macrium Reflect 7


 Why Upgrade?


Every time we do a major new release of Macrium Reflect we get asked this: and it is a fair question!  For Business customers it is ensures you get the latest backup and disaster recovery features as well as ongoing access to our great technical support team.  This time we have added CBT and Instant Virtualization that enhance backup and recovery speed for even better availability. Plus, there are hundreds of small tweaks and enhancements that come from customer feedback. For Home customers they get access to the same features as business customers as well as an additional 12 months of Home Essentials Support.


If you have any questions, please contact us.


 New Features

Changed Block Tracking

A New Macrium Backup Engine.

Macrium Reflect Changed Block Tracking radically reduces the amount of time it takes to perform incremental and differential images by continuous monitoring of changes to files stored on NTFS volumes. This is especially relevant when a file system contains very large files, such as virtual hard disk (VHD) files, where speed improvements are significant and can reduce the Incremental imaging time from hours to minutes or even seconds. Intra-daily backup scheduling will be available shortly after the first release to take advantage of this new technology.

  • Incremental and differential up to 60 times faster: imaging time reduced from hours to minutes - or even to seconds!
  • Intra-daily backup scheduling available shortly after the first release

 More information on CBT

Macrium viBoot

Instant virtual booting of backup images.

Utilising Macrium viBoot you can now boot images straight from the Reflect restore pane.

Macrium viBoot enables you to instantly create, start and manage Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines using one or more Macrium Reflect image files. Boot into the images you have made using Macrium Reflect in seconds, for validation purposes, or to retrieve data from old applications stored on a bootable image. At an enterprise level, you could recover an entire network environment in minutes.

  • Backup validation
  • Retrieve data from old applications stored on a bootable image
  • DR replacement for failed machines

 More information on viBoot


Installing a Macrium Reflect v6 to v7 Upgrade

v6 Home Customers

All Macrium Reflect v6 Home Edition licenses purchased since 26th November 2016 are eligible for a free upgrade to v7.
All v6 Home Edition licenses purchased prior to this date are eligible to a 50% upgrade discount.

v6 Business Customers

Any business edition of Macrium Reflect v6 purchased in the 12 months before the release of Macrium Reflect 7, or that have a current support subscription, are eligible for a free upgrade to v7.
If the support subscription for a license expired within the last 90 days it is still possible renew it, so the license will be eligible for a FREE upgrade to Macrium Reflect 7:
Renew v6 Support and Maintenance

All business edition licenses without a current support subscription are eligible to an upgrade discount of up to 50%.


v5 Customers

All Macrium Reflect v5 licenses upgraded to version 6 between 26th November 2016 and the release of Macrium Reflect 7 are eligible for a free upgrade to v7.
There is no direct upgrade path from v5 to v7, please contact us for help.