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Peace of mind in uncertain times

Manage multiple instances of Macrium Reflect in a single, easy to use interface

Users are now able to leverage the updated version of Macrium’s powerful backup software inside a new management platform that makes security and rapid recovery at scale even easier.

Read more about SM8 here.

In Site Manager 8 you can:

  • Remote sync to cloud storage platforms, such as S3.
  • Centrally schedule intra-daily backups.
  • Restore all machines with a single USB stick with universal rescue media.

Site Manager 8 is simple, flexible, and scalable. It makes it easy to secure your data and minimize downtime for your organization or your customers.

Macrium Site Manager allows you to manage multiple instances of Macrium Reflect in a single, easy to use interface. It's free to download and use - which means you can get started immediately.

Transparency. Scalability. Security.

For many businesses, using backup is only effective if it's done at scale. That's why we developed Macrium Site Manager - as a tool for managing Macrium Reflect across multiple workstations and servers, it makes it easy for IT staff to ensure data is secure and easily retrievable in the event of data loss. That means confidence and peace of mind, without additional complexity or cost.


Use Site Manager’s in-built events management features, including daily status emails and security logging, to gain transparency and confidence across your backups.


Install and manage Macrium Agent Licenses or connect to standalone instances of Reflect to configure and schedule backup without ever having to touch target workstations.

Security and reliability

Ensure security and network reliability with Site Manager’s automated scheduling and automated remote syncing capabilities.

Moving to Site Manager

If you already have a number of standalone Macrium licenses, you can start using Macrium Site Manager to more effectively manage your Macrium Reflect instances.

All you need to do is uninstall Reflect from the machines on which it is installed, and then enter the license keys for each purchase in Site Manager. Site Manager will automatically assign licenses to computers - with no additional action required.

"Being able to see (at a glance) in Site Manager that our backups are scheduled, I know everything's running nicely. The ease at which I can quickly deploy agents and manage our repositories is a big plus."

Mark Penny, University of Leicester IT System Specialist

How can I use Site Manager?

Site manager can be configured in two ways, dependent on your requirements. Site manager deployed agents are easier to manage and are the best choice for most scenarios.

The following table covers the differences and which license types you can use.

Note you can mix endpoint types in a single SM installation.

  1. It is free of charge.
  2. It comes with trial keys included.

For more detailed information about Site Manager and licensing, visit the Knowledge Base.

Learn more about Macrium Agent Licenses.


Site Manager with deployed Agent

Standalone installations with Site Manager connection

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Can I centrally configure and schedule backups?

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Can I backup exchange/sql?



Which license type(s) can I use?

Standalone installation license keys

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