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Macrium launch v6.1 free for all v6 customers


These new features include:

  • Delta Incremental Indexing which optimises the size of each index associated with incremental backups as they only contain a list of changed blocks in the incremental itself. This further improves the backup and recovery speeds and reduces the amount of storage required to store backups.
  • Macrium continue to grow their international customer base and they now have German language support available. Over the coming months, there will be regular releases in other new languages.
  • Macrium Reflect now also supports Windows PE 10. This is especially important as with the recent release of Windows 10, PE 10 is now the default PE option for installations on Windows 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2012, 2012R2.

Macrium is proud to continue the tradition of releasing great products with features that address the complex needs of the IT Technician and Administrator as well as their large consumer base. Reflect v6.1 is available free to all v6 customers, simply start Macrium Reflect and check for updates.

About us:

Macrium provide a complete disaster recovery solution for home or business which is used worldwide to protect documents, data and operating systems. Using advanced disk imaging technology the entire disk contents are securely saved in an easily recoverable backup file. With over 4 million installs worldwide, Macrium is a trusted and reliable solution for all disk recovery and backup needs.

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