Macrium Central Management Console Beta release

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We were very happy to release the limited Beta of the all new Macrium Reflect Central Management Console (CMC) last week. After several months of development, the team are confident that it is time to solicit feedback from customers who have chosen to receive the early Beta release. We are very confident that this marks a change in the market positioning of Macrium and a much broader appeal of our image based backup and DR product family.

The all new CMC is designed to help IT Administrators quickly and easily manage an existing Macrium Reflect v6 installed base, and facilitate the deployment of Macrium Reflect to many more systems. As always the focus is on speed and simplicity for the new framework to complement the renowned capabilities of Macrium Reflect

What we expect is that feedback from the Beta community will determine the final two or three major features that make it into the first general release of the CMC. The development team is expecting a lot of feedback throughout this process. As always we welcome new ideas and will do our best to incorporate them into the release.

The main features in the Beta release include:

  • Discovery of current Macrium Reflect installations and deployment of monitoring agent
  • The ability to initiate remote backup of a Windows machine
  • Live monitoring of backup progress
  • Centralized logs for all client PC’s
  • Viewing disks and partitions of client PC’s
  • Integration with ‘Slack’ messaging for backup events
  • Comprehensive dashboard for quick look status updates

The Web app based user interface is viewable from almost any platform or mobile device.

More information on features and using the CMC can be found here:

If you wish to be included in the Beta release programme please send an email to

Update — October 2016: The Macrium Central Management Console has completed Beta testing and was released on 21st October 2016. Download a Trial here!!

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