About the Site Backup Solutions

Macium end point backup for larger sites and organisations is managed around three products; Site Manager 7, MultiSite Manager and Macrium Agent Licenses (MAL).

Macrium Site Manager 7

This product provides a fully featured central management console designed to help IT Administrators manage endpoint backup for PCs and Servers on a LAN. Macrium Site Manager 7 provides dashboard reporting, alerting, and a configuration tool for repositories, backup definitions, MAL licenses and integrates into MultiSite Manager. Site Manager 7 also manages standalone versions of Macrium Reflect 7.1 or newer.

MAL Agents

These are special bundles of endpoint backup agents based around our popular Reflect Workstation and Server products. You just enter a license key into the Site Manager 7 and they are automatically assigned to installed agents. All devices that are being backed up need a MAL Agent installed.

Macrium MultiSite Manager

This all new cloud based management tool allows companies, services providers and partners to connect and manage many Site Manager 7 installations over the internet. A highly secure encrypted connection provides summary reporting at the enterprise level on the status of backups, repositories and licenses. A single click allows direct connection to a local Site Manager 7 for more comprehensive administration.

Trial Site Manager 7

Macrium Site Manager 7 is currently available at no additional cost and includes a 30 day trial for 5 workstations and 1 server. Additional machines and trial period extensions are available on request. Existing standalone Reflect installations can be managed indefinitely.

Minimum Requirements

Site Manager 7: Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2 or later.

Agent: Windows XP/Windows Server 2003 or later.

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