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Cloud backup and cloud sync are two very different ways of managing data. Together, they illustrate the level of flexibility that cloud offers us, and the sheer range of options we have at our disposal when it comes to sharing and securing data. ...

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Posted at Sep 9 2020, 12:00h in backup Richard Gall, Marketing

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Back in April, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella claimed that the company had seen “2 years of digital transformation in 2 months” as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. Although the statement might seem somewhat hyperbolic, looking back from our current place in time, it’s difficult to dispute that we’ve all been caught up in a wave of tremendous and rapid change. ...

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Posted at Sep 1 2020, 12:00h in cybersecurity Richard Gall, Marketing

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Recently we spoke to Macrium Technical Director Alex Stevenson about Site Manager, Macrium’s console for centralized backup management. In it, we hinted at some imminent changes — today (25th August) those have been released. ...

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Ransomware is one of the biggest security threats to personal and business data today. Although research suggests that the number of attacks is in decline, there is evidence that suggests that the attacks that are occurring are now more lethal and effective than they were in the past. Fortunately, with a robust and considered data protection and cyber security strategy in place, it’s possible to ensure that the data that matters most to you and your organization is safe from these evolving threats. ...

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why-you-need-a-replacement-for-norton-ghost-555abfcc064d ...

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Posted at Aug 18 2020, 12:00h in backup Richard Gall, Marketing

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