Factory Direct Craft

Factory Direct Craft are an ecommerce site selling unique craft and home décor products based in Ohio, USA. Always at the forefront of technology, they launched their first website in 1996 and haven’t looked back!  

Cost versus feature set

FDC realize the importance of backing up their data in case of disaster and had initially used tape backups, which needless to say, were not sufficient for their needs. They started using a competitor but found the costs didn’t match the feature set offered.  When a set of aging servers needed replacing, it was calculated that the cost of backing them all up using the competitor would be prohibitive. Therefore FDC started looking for other options. 

Proactive backup solution 

“When looking for replacements, I looked for software with similar, or greater feature sets firstly. Price was secondary. The software needed to work and cheapness of software is irrelevant if it doesn’t do the job.” Jarod Christman, CTO 

FDC chose Macrium largely as it fitted their needs and was lower priced. Macrium is very important to their business.  Not only is it part of their data backup, it’s also a server configuration backup. This gives Macrium Reflect an edge over simple backup options and importantly helps minimize downtime and reconfiguration time, should complete failure occur.  Macrium Reflect is also very useful as a proactive tool, as if a failure is seen in the future, FDC can simply image the drives and restore to new hardware.        

“I’m more of a utilitarian and the core features and how well they are implemented interest me. The backup features for Macrium are great and fulfil all our needs”.  Jarod Christman Chief Technology Officer

David Ritchie Ltd

David Ritchie LtdDavid Ritchie offer innovative material handling solutions for the offshore, gas and chemical, security, medical, defence and utility markets. Additionally they provide farmers with a range of high tech agricultural equipment.   

Wanted: A reliable and fast back-up and disaster Recover solution 

Ritchie’s had 5 servers in place and they needed a comprehensive solution that would allow them to virtualise all server functions and be confident that all their data would be available should disaster strike. In addition all host and guest servers needed to be backed-up to NAS devices for fast data retrieval. 

Faster than making a brew... 

Ritchie have been using Macrium for over five years now and chose them due to their simplicity of restoring full mages and the ability for a fast, full image backup which can be replicated in multiple locations.  With weekly full back ups and daily ‘differentails’, Ritchie are confident all their data is safe and secure should anything go wrong. Macrium made the virtualisation of old server functions painless and the handling of GPT disks has proved a very useful component to the software.

Wouldn’t be without it 

“Macrium Software is pretty essential to ensure we’re protected against any server disasters, the functionality is invaluable.” 

Moving forward 

Ritchie have found the server licenses to be so successful that they are intending on taking out a technician’s license in the future to ensure all their PCs are fully maintained.

“Access to recoverable data takes only 2 minutes now compared to 30 minutes with previous supplier’s tape based solution; the speed is fantastic”.  Keith Batey I.T. Systems Analyst

Upham Pub Company

The Upham Pub Company has a growing family of pubs across Hampshire, Berkshire, Sussex and Wiltshire on 12 different sites.   

Previous solutions not cutting the mustard 

Upham were using a competitor for their backup needs and found their interface design and the reliability was not up to scratch. 

Does what it says on the tin 

Upham back up to all manner of servers, internal disks, external disks, RDX cartridges, SD cards, CDs, Blurays and USB sticks using Macrium Reflect.  Macrium Reflect has proved itself to be an incredibly versatile solution. For instance, when Upham inherited a Windows Server with an RDX drive which would not cooperate with windows server’s on backup utility, Macrium Reflect ran successfully for a year until the server was retired.  Each site has one or more Windows 7 PCs running standard office software alongside specialist software such as hotel booking systems.  Each hard disk is split into a Windows partition and a recovery partition. The PC runs a full image of the Windows partition to the recovery partition overnight, retaining 5 or 6 images. This allows Upham to wind back to a previous day very quickly if required.  

A real time saver 

“I was called by one of the pub managers and informed of an infected PC. Using a restore from the previous night’s image, I was only on site for a total of 2 hours. Macrium Reflect allows me to install the startup menu option so I don’t even need a startup CD or USB in cases such as this”.  If Upham have a corrupt hard drive they can restore to a new drive either from Macrium images stored in the recover partition of the PC’s hard disk or from incremental images stored on a server.  “The most important part of any backup software is to know that when I want data back, it’s there waiting for me”.  Rob Rancans I.T. Manager

The Saw Centre

"We purchased Macrium Reflect Server a couple of months ago and have found it invaluable already as we needed to run a restore after losing some data. The tape devices we were using were clumsy and we never knew if it had updated properly. Macrium offer excellent functionality and we’re very pleased with our purchase!"

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) was created as an independent agency to ensure the safe use of radioactive materials for beneficial civilian purposes, whilst protecting people and the environment. The NRC regulates commercial nuclear power plants and other uses of nuclear materials. 

Safe and secure backups 

The NRC have been using Macrium Reflect for 5 years now and the main reason for their purchase and continued use of the software is its ease of use. NRC can remount a drive as backup and easily retrieve the file they need.  With tape backups it can take an hour to find the correct file. 

No rebuilding from scratch 

The scheduling tool has been particularly effective as each reactor that is overseen by the NRC has a workstation attached that has to be backed up remotely. If the workstation connected fails then the machine is useless and they would have to rebuild from scratch.  Macrium Reflect gives them the confidence that all their very important workstations and servers are securely and safely backed up.  The NRC often need to refresh a workstation computer for backup and restoring of new hardare.  NRC have have found Macrium’s technician’s license great for this. The speed of the backup and restore has meant that staff’s valuable time can be spent elsewhere! “I’ve found it fantastic to be able to have a live backup running whilst the server is still operational. This is vital for the successful running of the systems. The software is incredible, Macrium have really out done themselves! Having this tool in my toolkit certainly makes my life a lot easier”.  Thomas Magee Information Resources





Mike Travers, IT Co-ordinator


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