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We are inviting new software engineers to join the team as our ambition exceeds what we can achieve with our current staffing levels.

You will be part of a small team, designing and coding new features and products. You will also have the opportunity to contribute to and to evolve our agile development process.

This is an exciting role that definitely won't leave you bored! You will be delivering the code that you write to our million plus customers in days! It can be scary but it's always great fun.

Skills & Requirements

C and C++ skills are a fundamental requirement. UX skills are also important. We are developing a new UI framework building on the power of modern web technologies, so any previous experience in this area would be an advantage.

Most importantly of all, we are looking for talented individuals who have a genuine enthusiasm in knowing how computers operate and store data.

Customer support is always provided directly by our developers, using FogBugz, so you will also need to be an efficient and fluent communicator.


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